The Military Extended Family

For the last few weeks, my lovely wife has been running the show once again while I was at sea. The days get hectic for her as she’s playing the role of both parents and taking care of everything.

One day, she had to run by the post office before volunteering at our son’s Kindergarten for a few hours and then getting the oil changed in her car.

When she went to pay for the oil change, she looked through her purse only to find her wallet missing. This was obviously incredibly stressful for her. Jiffy Lube was very understanding, and they allowed her to leave in order to find it. When she made it back to the post office, she was very relieved to find her wallet at the desk. She went home (after stopping to pay for the oil change), and despite being a little shaken up, it looked like everything came out ok anyway.

She put the incident behind her until this letter arrived in the mail:


This letter understandably left my wife in tears, and it’s hard to state how much it meant to her to have an extended family watching her back.

To the retired Marine Warrant Officer who went out of his or her (it wasn’t signed) way to try to return my wife’s wallet, I wanted to send a very special thank you. As Veteran’s Day rolls closer, I sincerely hope nothing but the best for you and your family. Thank you.

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