In Praise of M-Edge

I do the majority of my writing on my Surface to keep the computer free for my wife’s work and my kids’ homework. Since typing anything longer than a status update can be a pain on a tablet, CinC HOUSE got me a Bluetooth keyboard to use made by M-Edge. The design is terrific, and it came with a case that holds the tablet and keyboard in place while standing everything up like a regular laptop. Overall, it’s a very functional tool.

Recently, however, it was giving me a little bit of trouble. Due to long hours and time with the family, I simply haven’t been using my Surface much lately. It’s just been sitting around the living room. My theory is that one of the kids (those beautiful, beautiful kids…) decided to take it for a spin one day. Whatever the reason, the keyboard started acting like the space bar was always pressed. It basically made it impossible to work with.

I jumped on their website to see if there was a quick fix or any other information that I could use. When I couldn’t find anything, I dropped an e-mail to their customer service line explaining the issue. I was surprised to see a response in my inbox the next morning. The company only had one question: what was my address? I gave it to them, they overnighted me a new keyboard, and here I am typing this post.

In today’s world where customer service is either automated or nonresponsive, it was incredibly refreshing to have something like this happen. It feels like it’s rare enough that some recognition is in order. While this simple post may not be much, it is very well deserved. Thank you to M-Edge!

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