Military Dad’s Completely Uninformed Football Picks for Week 4

I somehow managed to have another amazing set of picks last week since I finished 12-4. That brings my total record to 35-13 which is pretty ridiculous since I really have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. Part of me thinks that it’s about time to take these picks to Vegas, but the much smarter, much saner part of me then punches the first part and tells it to go sit in the corner and think about what it’s suggesting.

For this week, I’ve decided to employ a different strategy. Since I just got home last weekend, my kids will now be making the picks this week. The two exceptions will be the Thursday night game (because it’s already over) and the Monday night game (where my beloved Dolphins are taking on the Saints). I’ve sat down and simply showed them the logos for each team and then asked them who they thought would win. I alternated for each game, and I’ve transcribed their comments exactly as they were said. I even included mispronunciations…mostly because I think the Cincinnati Beagles would rock something fierce. As a reminder, Princess is 7 years old and Little Dude is 4.

San Francisco at St. Louis

So, this game is already over, but I totally would have picked the 49ers to win…like totally. šŸ™‚

49ers to win!

Baltimore at Buffalo

Little Dude: “I think the Ravens will win.”

Me: “Why?”

Little Dude: “Because…they can do some stuff awesome…”

Ravens to win!

Cincinnati at Cleveland

Princess: “I think the Beagles will win.”

Me: “Why?”

Princess: “Because they are tigers and mommy likes to root for the Tigers (University of Missouri grad)…and they look cool.”

Bengals to win!

Chicago at Detroit

Little Dude: “I think the Lions will win.”

Me: “Why?”

Little Dude: “Because they are Lions and lions are so awesome…”

Lions to win!

New York Giants at Kansas City

Princess: “I like the New York Giants because they were in Madagascar. ALL HAIL THE NEW YORK GIANTS!

Giants to win!

Pittsburgh at Minnesota

Little Dude: “Ok…ok…they’re cool. I like them.”

Me: “Ok, but who do you think will win?”

Little Dude: “I think these ones (pointing to Steelers helmet) because it has stars on it and I like stars.”

Steelers to win!

Arizona at Tampa Bay

Princess: “Arizona.”

Me: “Why?”

Princess: “I like birds and there’s a bird on the front.”

Cardinals to win!

Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Little Dude: “I think the Jackson Vaguars would win.”

Me: “Why?”

Little Dude: “Because they’re pretty.”

Jaguars to win!

Seattle at Houston

Princess: “Texans.”

Me: “Why?”

Princess: “I think they’re stronger and braver.”

Texans to win!

New York Jets at Tennessee

Little Dude: “Tennennee Nitans because they’re so strong and awesome and cool and I like the one with the fire on it’s back because it’s stronger AAAGGHHH!”

Titans to win!

Philadelphia at Denver

Princess: “Broncos!”

Me: “Why?”

Princess: “Mommy likes them.”

Broncos to win!

Washington at Oakland

Little Dude: “Raiders.”

Me: “Why?”

Little Dude: “Because your dad has a shirt like that (my dad did indeed have a Raiders shirt that I got for him from the Oakland Coliseum a few years ago).”

Raiders to win!

Dallas at San Diego

Princess: “Chargers.”

Me: “Why?”

Princess: “Because I like the pattern on their shirt…the lighting bolt.”

Chargers to win!

New England at Atlanta

Little Dude: “Lantant Falcons because they’re super like Mario Brothers.”

Falcons to win!

Miami at New Orleans

I made a bet with a good friend of mine who also happens to be a Saints fan. The loser has to make the other team’s logo their Facebook profile picture for 4 days. I then decided to get a little too smart and open it up to any other Saints fans that I had on Facebook. For every person that accepted the bet, I would add another 4 days if I lost while flooding my news feed with Dolphins logos if I won. It turns out that I actually have a lot of friends who are Saints fans. I really need Miami to pull this off, or I’m going to have a fleur de lis as my profile picture well into November.

Dolphins to win!

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