Mommy Doesn’t Do It That Way

The kids are super excited to have me home, but it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been gone for quite awhile. It’s obvious because it’s clear that they are only used to doing things one way: Mommy’s way.

I’m not talking about forbidden things or punishments or anything like that since my wife and I try our best to be of one mind on those things. Parenting by committee is important in a military family because it’s very easy for the parent that’s always gone to fall into the “fun parent” role while the other is left with all the less desirable parts of the job.

I’m talking about normal, every day stuff like making a sandwich or driving the car. Those are the things where the kids can only have it mommy’s way because that’s all they’ve had for the majority of the past year.

Here are just a few of the things that I’ve heard during the past week:

“Mommy always puts the jelly on first.”

“Mommy always turns left here.”

“Mommy always signs me out before she gets me.”

“Mommy never parks your car on this side of the driveway.”

“Mommy doesn’t tuck me in like that anymore.”

“Mommy doesn’t start drinking at lunchtime.”

Ok, so I made that last one up, but it sometimes does make me want to open a wine bottle around noon. I also worship their mother, and I’m glad that they feel the same way, but I’m thinking that it’s about time to learn daddy’s way. The lessons start tomorrow, and it’s time for them to realize that true greatness comes from putting the peanut butter on first!

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