Why Can’t I Get on Pacific Time?

I’ve now been back in beautiful Southern California with the family for about 4 days. It’s awesome to be back home, and while there are always some hiccups (“Mommy doesn’t do it that way”), most things have gone smoothly. I’ve started my new job, and I’m sleeping in my own bed every night. Things are pretty sweet. The one exception appears to be my sleeping habits.

I’ve basically spent the past 9 months on the East Coast with a few breaks here and there. I’ve always been more of a morning person than a night owl, so most days began around 6:00 in the morning and ended around 10:30 or 11:00. My theory is that I’m having a hard time translating those times back to the Pacific Coast.

Every evening around 7:00, I get exhausted extremely quickly. Almost to the point that I can barely keep my eyes open. Two nights ago, I slept through the last half of Shrek while the rest of the family kept watching. Last night I fell asleep while reading Skippyjon Jones to the kids. Apparently, they didn’t seem to mind since my wife woke all of us up about an hour later to sort us into our allotted beds. Basically, I become a zombie every evening after dinner.

My wife has a different theory that I don’t really like too much. She would dare to imply that I’m just out of shape while dealing with the kids, and they are wearing me down every day. I refuse to believe that it could be true.

Sure, they never leave my side, and they chase me everywhere I go. Maybe the half mile walk back from my daughter’s school turns in a sprint/crawl every day since they feel the need to constantly play tag with me. There are also definitely times when they feel the need to just climb me for no apparent reason.

That can’t be the real reason though. There’s no way that 2 little critters with a combined age of 11 are wearing me out. Neither one of them weighs more than a medium-sized dog, so there’s not a chance that they could be the reason I’m so tired every night.

Nope…it definitely has to be the time zone thing. I only need to readjust to the West Coast. Give me a few more days and I’ll be fine. Until I do adapt, however, it might not be a horrible idea to leave the kids tied to the piano…you know…just in case.

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