Haircuts, Earrings, and Burritos

After being away from the family for all but 4 weeks of 2013, I finally got home on Saturday where the kids ambushed me in the airport.

When you’re apart for so long, you really start to look forward to the little things. Therefore, we had a full day of little things planned out for Sunday.

Little Dude needed a haircut, but he wanted to wait until I got home. I decided to wait as well. In addition, Princess had her ears pierced about 6 weeks ago, so it was time for her to take out the piercing studs and picks out some new earrings. She decided that she would like to wait for me too. Therefore, I got up early and made everyone pancakes before hitting the road.

The first stop was at Sharkey’s where Little Dude was quickly shown to his favorite barber chair.

As usual, he wouldn’t actually get out of the seat until the stylist made his hair spiky. It’s just kind of his thing.

Next, it was my turn, so we drove down the road to a barber shop geared more towards me with SportClips. I didn’t really leave enough hair on top for her to make mine spiky.

Of course, we had to have a little Chipotle while we were out.

As usual, Princess ordered and nearly finished her own burrito.

The last stop of the day was to get some new earrings for Princess. She got about 8 new pairs, but so far her favorites are the dangling gummy bears. Of course, you always have to be prepared for Little Dude to photo-bomb a picture.

Overall, it was a good day that I’m sure most would consider rather mundane. When you’ve been apart for so long, however, it’s the little things like this that really matter. I’m sure we’ll eventually have a big event to celebrate all of our birthdays at once like a trip to Legoland or Medieval Times, but it’s just hanging out together that is the real treat.

It’s mighty good to be home.

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