Carry On

My father passed away on August 28th. As a result, the last week has been a blur of plane trips, car rides, tears, and sleepless nights. It’s still very difficult to get a handle on all the different feelings. My father certainly wasn’t perfect, but we was a great guy that everybody loved. He’ll be missed all the way from Arizona to Saskatchewan.

I’m a firm believer in karma, not so much in the mystical energy sense, but more in the Pay It Forward sense. When you are genuinely nice to someone else or you help them in a significant way, you make that person happier, and it’s more likely that they’ll do the same thing for someone else. You’re therefore adding good to the world that can spread out exponentially. If you add these positive feelings often enough, it will eventually come back around and affect you when you need it most. Conversely, if you’re cruel or hurtful, that negative feeling has the power to grow in expanding ripples until it meets you again.

I believe that when someone dies that power is magnified. All of the person’s deeds are re-examined and then carried forward by the individuals that experienced them. It’s the work of those of us that knew him best to accentuate the positives and pay it forward to the next generation.

It’s now my job to learn the lessons that my father taught me, both good and bad. It’s time to continuing being the best dad that I know how and continue worshiping the ground that my wife walks on. It’s time to start retelling some of my father’s tall tales and dirty jokes. It’s time to pay forward everything that was positive and learn from the negatives. It’s time to carry on.

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