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So, things have been pretty quiet in the little corner of the internet that I come home for a few weeks. This is partly because I’m finally back with the family after being gone for 7 months, so sitting down in front of a computer for a few hours is pretty far down my priority ladder.

Another huge reason is that my lovely wife has started a home business of sorts as a consultant for Jamberry Nails. Therefore, almost all of my online creative time has went towards supporting this endeavor and helping to get everything set up for her.

If you’re not familiar with Jamberry Nails, they are basically vinyl adhesive wraps that you wear on your nails. They are tons more durable to polish and much easier to apply without all the chemicals. They are also a fraction of the price you’d pay at a salon for nails there. They are also 100% made in good ol’ Murica (chant it with me…USA..USA..USA)

I obviously can’t do them justice, and who’s going to listen to an adult man rave about designer nails anyway. The Navy hasn’t even let me grow mine past the end of my finger for the past 15 years. What I do know is that my wife absolutely loves them, and she gave up on having nice nails long ago.

One way that I get to contribute is with sports knowledge. She likes to put together combinations of nails that compliment team colors if you’re a fanatic. This means that she’ll throw out random questions like, “What is Arkansas’ motto?” and “What are LSU’s team colors?” I knew that dedicated 85% of my brain solely to sports knowledge would eventually pay off!

Another way I’ve been able to help is with my online and blogging experience. We’ve got an empire established. Therefore, if you have the time, please check out her Facebook page (it’s where most of the business is done), follow her on Twitter, and of course, show her Tumblr blog some love. Please help spread the word as well.

After all, I have a massive poker addiction to support. 🙂

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