East to West

Last November, I started a journey where I had to say goodbye to my family and then drive across the country for school. Along the way, to help make the trip bearable and avoid fast food, I tried to eat as many meals as possible in places that Guy Fieri visited on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It was really the best part of the trip, especially Leo’s BBQ in Oklahoma City

Now, it’s almost time to do it all again…except this time in reverse. I get to leave the East Coast, and instead of saying goodbye at the beginning, my family is waiting for me at the end. In fact, they’re so excited to see me that they’re flying halfway to meet me in Kansas City (I think they’re actually just using me as an excuse to visit the grandparents there, but I’ll live in my little dream world). Then, we’ll drive the rest of the way together.

One thing that isn’t going to change is the food. Truman, Sweet Peach, Footy, and myself are still going to eat in as many Triple D places as possible.

Since we’ll be driving across the Northern portion of the country on the way back, they’ll be a whole new pack of restaurants in places like Connecticut, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis. As an added bonus, a friend of mine that I went to boot camp with and haven’t seen in 14 years lives near my first stop, so it looks like we’ll get to have lunch together.

Once I hit the road, I’ll keep everyone updated. I’m excited to once again see the looks on everyone’s faces when I start pulling out stuffed animals and taking pictures with them. It always makes for an interesting environment.

If you’ll excuse me, it looks like I still have some packing to do.

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