Awesomeness Did Indeed Ensue

Last week, I mentioned that my wife had really outdone herself with Father’s Day gift which include tickets to see Counting Crows in concert. The tickets included a package where I got to watch the sound check and then meet the band. I predicted that awesomeness would ensue, and I was not incorrect.

Since the concert was at the Foxwoods Casino, my friend and I arrived early to play a little poker before the show. I was able to win $40 despite the fact that I was probably sitting at the dullest poker table on the planet. Trying to get a conversation out of my fellow players was excruciating, so I got up and we had a beer or two until it was time for the sound check.

Then, all of this happened:

The highlight of the night for me was when they played Good Time (my favorite) during the sound check when I was sitting about 10 rows back in a theater that only had about 25 people in it. It was a special kind of awesome.

The actual concert was terrific with The Wallflowers as the opening act, and it was just a great overall day. The last 6 months away from the family hasn’t always been fun, but it was a terrific way to cap off my time here before I head back in a few weeks. In fact, the only thing that could have made the day better is if my wife had been there with me. We’ll have to see if we can make that happen next time.

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