39 Days: Chips and Salsa from El Indio

The countdown to returning to California continues. Be advised that a lot of these are going to revolve around food.

Day 39: Chips and Salsa from El Indio

I’ll probably make a special one of these later on just to cover Mexican food in general because while New England has some great food (chowda! lobsta!), there’s no way to compare to Southern California Mexican food.

I’ll save that for another day though and just focus on a single item from a single restaurant: chips and salsa from El Indio. My mouth has seriously been watering since I had the idea to write this post.

They season their chips with a combination of salt and paprika that I have tried to duplicate 100 times and failed miserably. Plus, they are the perfect combination of crunchy and scoopable.

Then, the salsa…oh dear lord, the salsa. It is easily the best salsa I’ve ever had. They have a 4 or 5 different types to choose from, but my personal favorite is the mild taco salsa. Some of you may see the word “mild,” and think weak, but I actually love spicy stuff. The salsa is just so good that it doesn’t need the heat.

Honestly, if you put a bag of El Indio chips in front of me with about a pint of the salsa…that’s a meal right there. 

I won’t be able to stop thinking about it for days…

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