40 Days: No Seasons

The countdown to California continues.

Day 40: No Seasons

Over the past 4 years, one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from fellow Californians is that they really miss seasons. This always tends to make me chuckle since I was born and raised in North Dakota. Up there, we only have 2 seasons (winter and road construction), but neither of them was overly fun.

With all that being said, after 4 years, even I was starting to get a little wistful for a change. In San Diego, you (hopefully) get a lot of rain from November through February, but calling it a winter would be a stretch since it still tends to be in the 50s at least. Sometimes, I’ll think about making a snow man with the kids or how much fun it would be to make snow angels.

All of those desires effectively got wiped out after spending the last winter in New England. Blizzard Nemo happened and then it refused to get above 40 until the middle of May. I’ve decided that I’m perfectly happy with the exact same weather 345 days out of the year. San Diego is the place for me. If I need to see some snow, I’ll just drive an hour up to Julian. Problem solved.

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