43 Days: Avocados

It’s now 43 days until I finish up in this part of the country. On that day, I will begin my trek back across this fine land to my family, and ultimately, sunny Southern California. Today seems like as good a time as any to begin a countdown to that much anticipated day. To help do that, I’m going to post something everyday that I miss about the Left Coast. 

Day 43: Avocados

When I want an avocado in San Diego, the process goes much like this:

  1. Go to grocery store/farmer’s market within 5 miles of my house.
  2. Buy incredibly fresh and perfectly ripened avocado that was probably grown within 100 miles of the store.
  3. Slice avocado (sometimes beg wife to make her perfect guacamole)
  4. Eat until I’m sick.

In New England, it’s a bit different:

  1. Go to random grocery store.
  2. Find dark green rock in produce section.
  3. Place “avocado” inside paper bag.
  4. Place paper bag in deepest, darkest part of pantry.
  5. Come back in a week.
  6. Pray.

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