I’m Not Scared

Most people protect their NCAA brackets like they’re gold. This probably has a little bit to do with the fact that they think they’ve found the perfect combination and don’t want to share it. Mostly, it’s just that it’s such an inexact science, and it’s so easy to end up looking silly if you make your predictions public.

However, as part of my ongoing effort to turn non-sports fans into NCAA Basketball Tournament maestros, I wanted to share my picks with you. I’m not going to go over every single game, but I’ll definitely share the highlights. Feel free to throw any trash talk you want my direction. In about 3 weeks, you can come back, look at this post, and love the fact that almost every single one of my picks is completely….incorrect. Enjoy!

  • Biggest Upset Pick: South Dakota State (13) over Michigan (4)
  • First #1 seed defeated: Indiana in the 2nd round to North Carolina State
  • Lowest seeded team in the Sweet 16: Minnesota (11)
  • Lowest seeded team in the Elite 8: North Carolina State (8)
  • Final Four Teams: Kansas, Louisville, Miami, Wisconsin
  • Championship Game: Kansas over Louisville 72-65

There we go folks! Feel free to send any thoughts, insults, trash talk, or admiration my way. Cheers!

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