To Stache or Not To Stache…

Here’s a rough paraphrase of a conversation my wife and I had on Monday night.

Me: Hey, you remember how I told you about the huge test that I’m going to have about half way through my time here?
CinC HOUSE: Yeah…
Me: Well, me and a bunch of my classmates are thinking about growing mustaches until it’s over. They’re kind of like our play-off beards.
CH: That’s fine. It’s not like I’ll have to look at you over that time.
Me: Ummm…yeah. You and the kids are actually flying up to see me before that test.
CH: ……….
Me: Are you still there?
CH: ………..
Me: Hello?
CH: Well, it looks like you have a decision to make. I would choose wisely if I were you.

I have to say that after 3 days of growth, I think I made the right decision.

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