Getting it Started Again

Things have been hard here in Rhode Island. I’m away from the family, school is no joke, and the weather here is…let’s just say that I miss San Diego. It’s enough to put the best of us into a funk, and I’m certainly well below that level.

Therefore, it’s time to get things rolling again. I have better things to do than sit around and feel sorry for myself, especially when things are actually pretty good, relatively. One of the things I’m going to attack again is my favorite hobby, writing.

I’ll go through this blog and start clearing out all the cobwebs and tumbleweeds. Then, every night, it’s time to start typing away again. From 9:00 to 10:00, I’ll start putting away the phone or remote control or whatever other tool I have that is keeping me from thinking about things. I’ll pick up my laptop and start tapping away until some reasonably coherent ideas pop onto the screen.

I’m not exactly sure what to write about yet (hence, this completely random post about nothing), but you have to start somewhere. I have this blog and the novel that I’ve secretly been working on. Even if I’m just e-mailing my daughter or writing in my journal, it’s better than just sitting around and wishing I was somewhere else.

I completely over-explained all that to say thank you for hanging with me. I’ll start getting some actual content up here again to make it worth your time.


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