Nemo: In Pictures

Here in Rhode Island, I live with 2 other guys that are in the same boat I am (away from the family and trying to save money). We have a 3 bedroom townhouse in Middletown, and this weekend, Nemo paid us a visit.

Here’s a picture of our backyard at 9:00 Friday morning. 

As you can see we started out with very little snow on the ground. It was in the mid-30s at the time, so I was interested to see how things would progress.

Here’s the same picture around noon on Friday.

The snow was coming down pretty steadily. This was about the time that the roads were getting shut down and people were urged to stay in their homes. Therefore, we started settling in for the long haul.

What do 3 lieutenants do when they’re snowed in? We plot world domination (aka play Risk) and drink wine. We broke out my favorite board game for a few hours and went to work. I employed my wife’s strategy of controlling Australia for the entire game and failed miserably. I was able to outlast one of my friends, but only because the eventual winner had to go through him to get to me.

Since the only thing any of us said during the game was, “never start a land war in Asia,” we then felt obligated to watch Princess Bride. We were about 75% through the movie (Wesley was about to storm the castle) when we lost power for the last time (it had been flickering for awhile). The morning count revealed that we had also managed to finish 4 bottles of wine between the 3 of us throughout the festivities.

Here’s what it looked like outside when the power went out.

The snow had obviously been coming down for quite awhile at that point. This pictures actually shows something good though. Our house is so drafty that the snow piled up around the door actually helped to insulate it. This probably came in handy since everything in the house is electric and the temperature started dropping pretty quickly.

When we woke up the next morning, the snow had mostly stopped. We went out to shovel our driveway and noticed that all our cars had turned into Rhinos.

We spent about 90 minutes clearing our driveway and cars. We then noticed that our extremely pregnant (due 2 days ago) neighbor was trying to shovel her own driveway (which may be the longest in Southern Rhode Island). We obviously couldn’t let that happen, so we ended up shoveling snow for a little over 3 hours altogether. This made for an interesting environment since there was no hot water for showers. We quickly adopted the rule “I won’t tell you that you stink if you don’t tell me that I stink.”

The power came back on Saturday night around 9:45. It was out for us a total of 27 hours. Some folks had there’s back well before that, but there are also a few people that are still without electricity as I write this (noon on Sunday). I’m not sure how cold it got in the house because our thermostat only goes down to 60, but I would guess it was somewhere in the mid to high 40s. We were pretty bundled up as the sun went down.

Here’s the final picture of our backyard.

Having grown up in North Dakota, blizzards don’t impress me easily. This one was worth the name though. We usually got 2 or 3 like this every winter (and 1 or 2 that were much worse), but it was a pretty powerful storm. Hopefully, every one else will get their power returned soon and the damage won’t be too bad.

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