9 Years

Nine years ago today, CinC HOUSE and I were married in a terrific ceremony in Parkville, Missouri. Since we dated for about 18 months before our wedding, we have now been together for about one third of our lives.

Since then, we’ve had 2 wonderful children and lived in 9 houses/apartments in 8 cities in 4 states. I’ve deployed 3 times and spent more time at sea than I care to remember.

There have been a few hard patches, but there have been many more amazing times. Through it all, she has never once complained about the life she married into. Over the years, she has had to leave family, friends, and jobs behind while the Navy has shuttled us back and forth across the country. She has been the perfect companion when I’m home and an amazing single-mother while I’m gone. Our children are absolutely incredible, and as hard as I try, very little of the credit should go to me.

Through all the years, we have been the only constants for each other. Addresses change, family size changes, and responsibility changes. As the end of the day, however, we would either be going to bed beside each other or wishing that we were. It’s not easy being a military family, but it’s infinitely easier when you have an amazing relationship like we do. We started out dating and became husband and wife, but over the years, we developed into best friends. There is no one else that I trust like her, and she is the reason I’m able to do what I do.

Today will probably be a muted affair since I’ll be leaving again in a couple days, and all we want to do is curl up in a ball together and cry. As depressing as that sounds, in my mind, it’s much better than the alternative. We could be excited to say goodbye to each other, and I think that would be much sadder.

With that in mind, it’s been an amazing 9 years, and I hope there’s another 90 just like them.

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