Day 4 Complete

Another long day of driving is in the books, and all we have left is the anchor leg. We decided to skip going out tonight and just relax instead. We just had some snacks for dinner, and I broke out my personal DVD player.


We’re currently trying to decide between a ridiculously violent movie that I don’t watch in front of the kids like Sin City or one of my favorite movies that I never watch because my wife isn’t a fan like Poolhall Junkies. I’m not sure yet. While we try to decide, here are some more stats from today.

  • Miles traveled: 571
  • Driving Time: 8.25 hours
  • States left behind: 1 (Arkansas)
  • Time zones left behind: 1
  • Audio books finished: 1
  • Quality of audio book: Meh…
  • Podcasts finished: 4
  • Bugs that were so big I ducked when they hit the windshield: 3
  • Guy Fieri recommended restaurants: 1
  • Times I apologized to the stuffed animals when I threw the backpack into the car and forgot they were inside it: 2

I think we’re going to try to get an early start tomorrow. We only have 8 hours left on the road, and I would like to get this done by 3:00 or so. Tomorrow should be interesting because it will be the first time we have traveled on any road besides I-40 since we left Barstow, California. You can feel the excitement building as we finally near our goal. Thank you for following along.

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