Day 3 Complete

The third day of the trip started off terrific with a great night’s sleep followed by a Texas-shaped waffle. It got a little worse when one of the headlights burnt out, and it got nervous once we realized that, at some point, someone had stolen the registration sticker off our license plate. In the end, though, we ended up where we wanted, had some great food, and got to hang out with some old friends. That’s pretty much the exact definition of a great day.

Here are some of today’s stats.

  • Miles travels: 619.3
  • Driving time: 9.5 hours
  • States left behind: 2 (Texas, Oklahoma)
  • Time zones left behind: 0
  • Headlights changed: 1
  • Guy Fieri recommended restaurants visited: 1
  • Awesomeness of said restaurant: Super awesome
  • Months is appeared our license plate was expired by: 7
  • Politeness level of highway patrolman that pointed this out to me: Incredibly polite
  • Speed limit of highway I was driving on at the time: 70 mph
  • My speed at the time: 70 mph
  • Tickets issued: 0 🙂
  • Times I’ve referred to the car load as we or us instead of I or me because the helmsmen are becoming way to real: ~12
  • How much I needed to stay with a friend in order to talk to a real person: quite a bit.

There are still 2 days left, but they are the shortest days. Our goal for tomorrow is to get to Knoxville, Tennessee. That’s about 8 hours away, and it’ll leave me another 8 hours to Dahlgren. We’re getting close…

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