Day 2 Complete

We’re not quite as exhausted as we were last night, so we’re just going to relax and watch a little TV before going to bed.


We got off to an early start this morning. This was mostly due to my inability to sleep past 4:00 a.m. and unwillingness to keep trying. My helmsmen didn’t seem to mind though. At least, they didn’t say anything if it did bother them. We made it to Amarillo in excellent time.

Here are a few of the stats from today’s travels.

  • Miles traveled: 629.6 miles
  • Driving time: 9.5 hours
  • States left behind: 2 (Arizona, New Mexico)
  • Time zones left behind: 1
  • Cups of Folger’s coffee: 1
  • New total cups of Folger’s coffee over my entire life: 1
  • Likelihood that I will ever drink Folger’s coffee again: 0.002%
  • Hours of driving before sunrise: 2
  • Full moons: 1
  • Podcasts completed: 5
  • Favorite Pandora Station: Delta Rae
  • Favorite CD: Our Lady Peace Spiritual Machines
  • Guy Fieri recommended restaurants visited: 0
  • Guy Fieri recommended restaurants I would have visited had I not shown up an hour before it opened: 1
  • Money dropped into a parking meter before realizing the restaurant was closed: $1.00
  • BBQ restaurants in Amarillo, TX: ~8,000
  • Texans who gave me strange looks when I started pulling out stuffed animals in the middle of a restaurant: ~15
  • Size of bed in hotel room: King
  • Size of bed I share with my wife at home: Full
  • Portion of this bed that I will probably sleep on: 7%
  • How sad it is that I have a book full of movies that I can’t watch around the kids and I’m currently watching Up on ABC Family: Really sad

Tomorrow’s plan is pretty much the same as today’s: drive east on I-40. We’ll probably eat lunch around Oklahoma City and stop in Little Rock. 2 days down, 3 more to go. Almost halfway there…

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