Day 1 Complete

Day 1 of my cross-country jaunt with Truman, Sweet Peach, and Footy is now complete. We’ve made it from Oceanside, CA to Flagstaff, AZ. As you can see, everyone is exhausted.

Before we crash, however, here are some of the statistics from the first leg of our journey.

  • Heartbreaking goodbyes: 3
  • Miles traveled: 505.3
  • Driving time: 8.5 hours
  • States left behind: 2 (California, Nevada)
  • Time zones left behind: 1
  • Times GPS said, “Stay on I-40 for the next 349 miles”: 1
  • Highest altitude: 7,335 feet
  • Lowest altitude: 0 (I live in a city called Oceanside. What did you expect?)
  • Chances Northwest Arizona is the most ruggedly beautiful country west of the North Dakota Badlands: 85%
  • Chances I could convince CinC HOUSE to move to Northwest Arizona: 0%
  • Elk crossing signs: 11
  • Elk: 0
  • Audio books finished: 1
  • Podcasts finished: 1
  • Favorite Pandora station: Citizen Cope
  • Favorite CD: Everlast Eat at Whitey’s (I seriously forgot how terrific this album is)
  • Times I found myself talking to stuffed animals: 3
  • Times stuffed animals talked back: 0 (thankfully)
  • Times waitress didn’t even flinch when asked to take a picture of me with stuffed animals: 1
  • Guy Fieri recommended restaurants: 1
  • Times I nearly wept with joy upon seeing a bathroom: 2
  • Amazing sunsets in rear-view mirror: 1
  • Sore butt cheeks: 2
  • Wife and kids greatly missed: 3

Tomorrow is going to be the longest leg of the trip with a goal of Amarillo, TX. Fortunately, I will be able to get a much earlier start than I did today. As an added bonus, it will be my first time in the state of New Mexico. This will reduce the list of states that I’ve never been to down to 8 (Hawaii, Oregon, Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine).

As for Truman, Footy, and Sweet Peach? Well, every state is a new adventure for them. Tune in tomorrow to see how it goes.

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