Introducing Footy

It’s time to introduce the last member of the posse that will be accompanying me on my future journeys. You’ve already met Truman and Sweet Peach, so it’s now time to complete the team with my son’s addition, Footy.

Footy is a crazy crocodile from the murky depths of Little Dude’s mind. He’s short and round with little stubby legs.

Fortunately, he makes up for his lack of size with an attitude larger than the entire world. He’s a bit of a troublemaker, and he always likes to test the limits. He pretends that he can’t hear Truman, and he’s constantly terrorizing Sweet Peach. Look at these eyes though. Could you possibly stay mad at him?


Of course you can’t.

The gang’s all here now, and we’ll be hitting the road next week. I’ll miss my family something fierce, but it will be nice to have the company.

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