Introducing Sweet Peach

It’s time to meet the second character in the Adventures of Truman, Sweet Peach, and Footy. I’ve already introduced my wife’s contribution, Truman, so here is who my daughter has picked to accompany me on my journeys. Please allow me to present…Sweet Peach!

Sweet Peach is a purple unicorn from the dreamland of my daughter’s head. As you can see, she is covered with flowers, and like Princess, would fit in perfectly in the 1960s. She’s a flower child’s child.

Sweet Peach is cute and cuddly. She has a kind soul and would never intentionally hurt a fly. She’s beautiful and clever, but please don’t mistake any of that for weakness. She never lets Footy get out of line, and if you think you can boss her around, guess what…

…she has a big-assed horn in the middle of her head. You might think you have the edge on her, but try explaining to your friends how you just got stabbed by a purple unicorn.

She’s definitely the big sister of the group. She might terrorize Footy every chance she gets, but if you think she would let anyone else do the same, you’ve lost your mind. She’s in charge here.

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