Introducing Truman

It’s time to meet the first character in the Adventures of Truman, Sweet Peach, and Footy. As a reminder, these are the friends that will be accompanying me on my journeys while I’m away from my family. Without further ado, I would like to introduce…Truman.

Truman is my wife’s addition to the gang. He’s a tiger named after the University of Missouri mascot which was named after President Truman. Therefore, it’s basically like travelling with royalty. It also ensures that Mizzou will always be there to trouble my Jayhawk heart.

Truman is a fierce companion with the claws and teeth to defend the group. His fierce gaze has been known to make grown men wet themselves and always keeps Sweet Pea and Footy in line.

He has an immense reach to scratch the eyeballs out of anyone that would think about threatening his domain.

In the end, however, he would much rather use those arms for hugs.

He’s the leader of the group, and like CinC HOUSE will be back home, he’s responsible for keeping everyone together. I’m glad to have him onboard.

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