Dog Bowls and Wava

One of the true joys of any parent (at least this one) is listening to your kids horribly mangle words that are tough for them to pronounce. Nothing in the world is better than tricking a 3 year old into saying “aluminum” over and over.

It actually creates somewhat of a dilemma for me. Obviously, I don’t want my kids to develop an impediment where they aren’t able to pronounce the letter L. I want to teach them the correct ways to say words, so that they don’t have to struggle with it later on. On the other hand…it’s just so damn cute.

Princess never really had an issue with it. She used to call shampoo “hair soda” for some reason, but she was generally able to pronounce words clearly the first time she tried. There were only 2 exceptions that I can think of. First, she called goggles “dog bowls.” This was hilarious during swimming lessons since she always had to put her dog bowls on first.

The second (and definitely the most entertaining) mistake she made was with the words “dump truck.” She always left off the “p” and her “tr” sounded like an “f.” Therefore, it sounded quite a bit like…well, I’ll let you figure it out on your own. Once we figured out what she was trying to say, it was hilarious. It could be a little dicey in public, but I thought it was awesome.

Little dude is much more fun. He always has more trouble with certain words than his sister did. Getting him to say things like “guacamole” is always good for a chuckle. My current favorite occurs whenever we play Mario Kart. Anytime that we run off the track and land in the molten rock, he’ll say, “Daddy, you went in the wava.” It cracks me up every time. I’ll usually repeat it back to him, and we’ll have a whole conversation that revolves around mispronouncing the word.

Eventually, my wife will give me a look and say that it’s actually “lava.” This will make me realize that I’m probably doing my son a disservice by encouraging him to say a word incorrectly. This will lead me to wonder whether it’s really worth it for just a couple minutes of entertainment. After giving it some thought, I usually decide…

Yep. It’s totally worth it.


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