The Bigist Tomado

Our daughter is currently 6 years old, and reading and writing are 2 of her favorite things. She loves to read the Magic Treehouse books, and she will routinely write down any thoughts that pop into her head. Sometimes, she will even take notes on things while going about her normal business.

Tonight, she decided to write a story. She wrote it completely on her own. In fact, we were in a different room and didn’t even realize she was writing it until she was done. She’s incredibly proud of it, and as an aspiring writer myself, it almost brings a tear of joy to the eye. She’s going to start making copies of the story for all of our family members, and she even told me that she wants to make enough copies for the whole world. Therefore, I thought I would take this opportunity to help her spread the word. 

I hereby present The Bigist Tomado. In order to add authenticity, I’ve included the spelling errors, but I have the correct word in parenthesis for the ones that might be tough to figure out. Please note that all of the commas and punctuation are also hers, so she already has a very good grasp on that. Princess and I both hope you enjoy.

Do you kowe (know) what I wanted to do? I wanted to make the bigist tomato!

It sarted (started) small, then got biger and biger and wen I got up the next day, I saw the hechist (hugist) tamato ever. I nawed (knew) that the next day, I need to take the bigest tamato to the tamato contest. I kewe (knew) that I would win the contest the next day. I was insitide (excited) because I woude win the contest. I never wined a contest. It was my fist time wining a contest.

Do you kowe (know) wathe (what) I did nest (next)? I called 100 peple to help me get the tamato to the contest. I wined the contest. I fete (freaked) out! It was the best day ever for me. Yay!

The end!

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