Pictures of a Hero

My wife and I have both been blogging quite a bit over the past couple weeks about the fact that our daughter made the decision that she would like to donate her hair and how proud we are of her (if you want to read the posts, you can reach them here, here, here, and here). She really wants less fortunate kids to be able to take advantage of what comes naturally for her. When we had some friends come over last week, one of them asked her why she wanted to donate her hair. In a small voice, Princess answered, “Because sometimes kids get sick and they can’t grow their own hair. If I give them my hair, they can use it as a wig and hopefully, it will help make them feel better.” By the time she was done explaining all this, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I’ve said this a thousand times, but it’s worth mentioning again that she is 6 years old.

Well, we got her a hair appointment for last Friday, so I wanted to share some of the pictures. She only had one emotional moment, but that was actually because her brother wouldn’t share one of the toys in the waiting room. When it came down to actually chopping her hair off, she didn’t come close to backing out. It was obvious from the beginning that this was something she wanted to do, and as much as she loves her hair, she wanted to help others even more.

This first picture shows the “before” image. We had her hair back in 4 different ponytails, but they actually had to consolidate it into 1 before cutting it off. You can definitely see why her hair is one of her most striking and commented on features.

This next pictures shows her hair right after the ponytail was cut off, but before the stylist went to work. You can see an action shot of the ponytail actually being cut off on my wife’s post.

Here, she’s showing off the hair that is going to be donating towards a good cause. Throughout this entire process, she was just proud. There was never once a sign of regret on her face.

Here, the stylists is just about done.

In true Princess fashion, she manages to look absolutely awesome anyway. What a rock star.

There was a Cold Stone Creamery right next door to the salon, so there was no way we weren’t going to celebrate there!

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