To help put that video in better context… What is a LCS ship?

LCS stands for Littoral Combat Ship. It’s the new class of ships from the U.S. Navy that are designed to operate much closer to shore (littoral waters) than the traditional cruisers and destroyers.

The program to develop the ships is unique in that there were actually 2 distinctly different classes of ships produced. The ship in the video is the USS INDEPENDENCE (LCS 2). It’s the first hull in the line of LCS developed by General Dynamics (nicknamed the INDEPENDENCE Class). The other type of LCS was developed by Lockheed Martin. The first ship in the class is the USS FREEDOM (LCS 1) and their second ship, the USS FORT WORTH (LCS 3) will be commissioned later this month. As you can see, the designs are radically different from each other with the FREEDOM Class employing a more traditional warship design while the INDEPENDENCE Class is inspired by the trimaran style (officially called slender stabilized hull).

Both styles of ship have had their roadblocks and issues along the way, but a lot of people consider them to be the future of the Navy. I know a decent amount about them because I’ll be making my way to one after I finish my shore duty (with a fair amount of schooling enroute).

Thanks for the question, and I apologize for the overly lengthy answer.

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