Kicking Myself

Today is a milestone day as our daughter starts 1st grade. This is awesome, and we’re both very proud of her. She loves school, she’s brilliant, and she’ll be terrific. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

I’m kicking the hell out of myself anyway. I realize that it’s not a huge thing in the grand scheme of things, but I probably should have made a bigger deal out of it. Keep in mind that I was deployed quite a bit when she was an infant/toddler, so in my eyes, there’s no way that she is old enough for 1st Grade. She shouldn’t even be starting Kindergarten yet. She should still be sitting on my lap while I read her Sandra Boynton books. Instead, she is sitting by herself and reading the Magic Treehouse series. It absolutely blows my mind.

Last year, I brought her to work with me the Friday before Kindergarten started. Maybe, it was because school started so much earlier than I though it would, but it snuck up on me, and I completely forgot to do it this year. I also went to work late on her first day, so I could walk her to school. I shed a few tears, but they were ok. We picked her up from school and walked home while she told us all about her day. It was a great day. I’m definitely going to be there to help pick her up today, but it just doesn’t feel the same.

For the most part, I try to be a pretty decent guy, and there aren’t too many things from my past that I regret. There were a few mistakes here and there, but nothing I need a time machine to rectify. I sure wish I could have this morning back though. I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll be home for them.

I’m incredibly proud of my little girl, and I know that she’ll be a rock star in 1st Grade just like she is everywhere else, but I wish I could have been there when my wife took this picture this morning.

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