Where Did the Summer Go?

Our daughter starts 1st grade next Thursday, August 23rd. That’s amazing for a couple reasons. First, it blows my mind how fast she’s growing up. Second, where in the hell did the summer go?

When I went to school, we finished the middle of May and started back up around Labor Day. That was plenty of time to sleep in, play basketball, and just be a kid in general. On the flip side, my daughter now finishes school the middle of June and starts back up in the middle of August! It seems like you have enough time for a small family vacation and maybe a camp before it’s time to start buying back-to-school stuff. I really feel like she is getting robbed.

The theme song to the kids’ (and my) favorite cartoon, Phineas and Ferb, starts out with, “There’s a hundred and four days to summer vacation…” A quick count reveals that my daughter is getting 74 days! That means that even fictional characters with pointy heads and a secret-spy platypus get a full month more vacation that my daughter.

I’m actually curious about the reasons for this. Is this just the difference between school districts? Do the kids back home in North Dakota still get 3 months while the California kids get robbed? Is this our attempt to get back to the top of the world’s education systems? Are we slowly headed towards school year-round? Have we, as a nation, begun to hate everything that is pure and innocent in this world?

Ok, probably not that last one, but the rest are legitimate questions.

Of course, as much as I feel sorry for my daughter, she’s super-excited because she loves school. I recently realized that there may be an ulterior motive for my angst. It stems from the fact that I would love to be a teacher when I get out of the Navy, and I’ll be damned if I’m only going to get 2 months off for the summer!

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