Your Weekly Dose of SWO

As I look back over the past few weeks of my post, I realize that I seem to be writing more and more about my family and much less about the Navy and military in general. This is a pretty accurate depiction of my life while on shore duty, but I enjoy writing about my job as well. (Plus, I don’t want my family to start getting big heads.) Therefore, in an attempt to provide a little balance, I’m going to start every¬†Monday with Your Weekly Dose of SWO. SWO stands for Surface Warfare Officer which is my profession inside the Navy. Basically, it means I’m a ship guy as opposed to subs, supply, or any of the other fields that we have. Feel free to check out this post from the past for more information.

So, what will your weekly dose consist of? It will mostly be videos of ships and sailors doing interesting or funny things. They’ll range from serious to inspirational to absurd, and I’ll do my best to explain which is which since Navy humor may be tough for some people to get. The doses will consist of lots of ships because that’s what being a SWO is all about.

If you come across any videos or pictures that you think should make the cut, feel free to send them my way. Just keep in mind that this is a family site.

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