Little Dude started pre-school last week, and he’s already brought some germs home. Of course, this bug only gives him a runny nose, and he’s find within a few hours. CinC HOUSE and I, however, are in pretty rough shape. I have had to stay home the past couple days alternating between freezing and sweating. My wife hasn’t gotten it quite as bad, but she’s definitely not having any fun either.

Here’s the ironic part: the kids have been perfect angels while we’ve been ill. They’re pretty good kids to start with, but they have their moments of terror. It’s odd that they finally have their chance to run completely free and have decided to apply for the “Children of the Year” award.

This morning, for example, was awesome. Driving Little Dude to school took pretty much everything out of me, and CinC HOUSE was barely functioning. When we got back, we decided that my wife would go back to bed. I would start a movie (she wanted to watch Peter Pan) for Princess and then lie on the couch. I fell asleep about 10 minutes into the movie and woke up about half an hour after it was done. Did Princess use that time to shave the dogs or try out her mom’s makeup? Nope, she was just sitting in her little rocking chair reading a book. She’s 6 years old, and she decided to use an unsupervised moment to read a book. Awesome!

Now, Little Dude is home, and they’re playing together perfectly. I’m sure that I’m going to jinx the entire thing by writing about, but I had to arrange my Dayquil addled mind long enough to write it down.

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