Yoga Pants

Since working out in the gym by myself gets a little boring after awhile, I’ve recently started taking exercise classes at a couple different gyms. My office is pretty close to the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD), so some days I’ll run over there during lunch for a class. I’ve already talked about the spin class that I’ve taken there a few times and the intense pain that it caused.

We’ve also joined the YMCA by our house and participate in a few different classes there. My wife and I have been going to yoga on Monday nights. This is my first real experience with yoga (I had to accumulate a surplus number of “man-cards” first), and I didn’t really know what to expect. I spent the majority of the first class thinking, “Ok, I’m really stretched out. When does the actual work-out begin?” It turns out that stretching is the work-out.

This actually works perfectly because I participate in a pretty intense Command PT on Monday mornings and then I run over to MCRD for 90 minutes of hell on Tuesdays. It’s nice to get a good stretch in between those two events. It’s also nice to spend some time with CinC HOUSE. Overall, I really enjoy it.

I mentioned all of this so that I can make this simple statement: If I ever meet the person who invented yoga pants, I’m going to buy them a drink, and quite possibly, a house. Sweet Baby Buddha!

My favorite view of all time would have to be the waves crashing over the tide pools in Pacific Grove, California. If I had to choose between that and my wife in yoga pants, I would never see the ocean again.

One day, she’ll figure out the power that they have over me. She’ll realize that if she needs help with chores, simply asking me is the wrong way to go about it. All she really needs to do is put on yoga pants, and I’ll literally follow her anywhere she goes (Seriously! I would be directly behind her the entire time).

Of course, it’s a good thing that I would never make that public knowledge…

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