Postgame Report

Last week, I mentioned that Princess and I were going to meet up with a fellow blogger to attend a baseball game with him and his daughter. The day of reckoning arrived, and he drove down from L.A. to eat lunch and watch the Padres. Since we had never met him before, we were prepared for the worst, but it turns out that despite all the evidence to the contrary, he was actually pretty cool. His daughter was also incredibly sweet, and even though she was a few years older than both our kids, she had a blast running around the house while we made lunch.

On the ride down to the stadium, we had the opportunity to talk in a manner that didn’t involve sarcastic e-mails or caustic blog comments. I’m now able to understand how he has 6 jobs and no money, and he now understands how I’ve managed to become so incredibly awesome.

There was one very unexpected benefit to the conversation. It’s not very often that I hang out with people outside of the military. Since I’ve spent my entire adult life in the Navy, most of it is just second nature, and I forget that it can seem fairly foreign if you’re not familiar with it. Mad Dadz managed to demonstrate his complete lack of understanding so clearly that my illusions are probably destroyed forever.

We had some great seats and really enjoyed the game. The Padres lost, but the girls each had a blast, and the adults managed to go most of the game without making fun of each other. Good times were had by all.

By the end of the day, he made my wife question her identity and his daughter’s drawings made me question my sanity. Overall, it was a great day, and I’m glad that I made the effort to invite a complete stranger into my house. I doubt that my wife will let me make a habit out of it, but I’ll turn her into an extrovert yet. You can read Mad Dadz’ version of events here.

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