Bloggers Unite…or Something

When I first starting blogging about 9 months ago, I was out and about trying to find ways to spread the word. I read that writing guest posts and contributing to other blogs is a great step towards building your own audience. One of the first sites I came across was Dad Revolution. I submitted a guest post there, and soon after, I became a regular contributor. It was a different post, however, that really caught my eye. There was an article about pacifiers that completely threw me for a loop. It was hilarious, and it nearly made me fall out of my chair. I quickly decided that I had to check out the author’s blog: Mad Dadz.

It quickly became one of my favorite reads to the point that I will usually check the site while I’m eating breakfast in the morning. He’s a terrific writer, and his sense of humor tends to resonate with me. By sense of humor, I mean really bitter complaining about the unfairness of life.

One of the prevailing themes of his posts is that he can’t seem to attract any readers to the site. I can certainly sympathize with that, so I decided to write him a quick e-mail letting him know that I enjoyed his writing, and I certainly understood his pain. The e-mails start to flow, and like most relationships between guys, it quickly degenerated into a series of insults designed to destroy self-esteem and all sense of worth. He would make fun of me for being from North Dakota, and I would make fun of him for signing his e-mails with an Esquire after his name. It got to the point that it became a pretty serious competition. To be honest, you could have 2 guys in front of a camera reading our e-mails to each other, and it would probably be funnier than most of the sitcoms on TV today.

Since he lives in Los Angeles, I mentioned that if he ever came down to San Diego, I would definitely buy him a beer. He said the same, and we both moved on confident in the belief that neither of us would ever make good on the promise.

Well, he decided that this summer, he would take his daughter to baseball games in every ballpark for the teams in the 2 Western Divisions. Since the Padres would be one of those teams, his path is going to lead to San Diego. After some rather pathetic begging, I finally agreed to go with him. To even out the numbers, I’m taking Princess, and it’s going to be a daddy/daughter day at Petco Park.

Part of me is thankful that the girls will be there. It will probably tone down our playful banter a bit. Of course, there’s always the possibility that it won’t slow us down at all, and then we end up suing each other for our daughters’ therapy bills in 10 years. Personally, I think the only reason our e-mails are any fun is because we can sit back and carefully compose the responses before sending them. Without that time available, I’m pretty sure the game will probably be 3 hours of awkward silence with interspersed grunts as we shove hot dogs down our throats.

In reality, I’m only taking my daughter somewhere with a complete stranger that I met on the internet and have spent the past 6 months teasing for being…well, the least of tease-worthy things is too long to bring up here. What could possibly go wrong?

Bloggers unite…

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