Happy Father’s Day

I’ve made enough emotional holiday posts over the last week, so for Father’s Day, I’m just going to share my daughter’s latest work of art. Besides, we have a long day of gluttony and beach-going ahead of us. A very happy Father’s Day to all of the other dads out there.

Here’s the general story behind the picture. There is a gumball machine at a park. In order to get to the gumball machine, you have to go up the ladder, over the bridge, and then down the slide. I decided that I wanted a gumball, so I went to get one. I don’t remember exactly why she put smiling faces on both my shirt and pants, but at least I match. She mentioned that since I have very long arms (they are slightly freakish), I was able to buy the gumball before I even got to the bottom. The brown circle on the ground is the penny that I used to pay for the gumball, and the gray circle in my hand is the actual gumball that I got. She mentioned that 1 gumball cost a penny, or you could get 4 for a nickel, or you can get 6 gumballs for free… I’m not exactly sure that she would be ready to start a business with those policies, but her artistic abilities are coming along nicely. It looks like she is starting to develop her mother’s artistic abilities (which are awesome) and my storytelling talents (which will almost definitely get her in trouble).

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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