I promised that I would start putting some pictures up here (something that I don’t normally do) since I won’t have much time to write over the next couple of weeks due to moving. Here’s the first set of photos. Our new house is terrific, but these 4 pictures represent my favorite parts.

The first depicts the kitchen. Plenty of cabinet space and a ton of counter space which is crucial in my family since everyone enjoys cooking (usually at the same time).

The second shows that gas firepit in our backyard. The entire yard is great, but this is my favorite part. It’s a quiet area, and the fact that it’s gas means we can turn it on, toast some marshmallows with the kids, and turn it right back off. We don’t have to wait for the wood to burn down.

The third picture shows the balcony that extends off the master bedroom. This is awesome. There’s an outlet up there, so I’m seriously considering putting the wine fridge up there, so it’s within easy reach at night.

The last picture shows the view from the balcony. There’s nobody behind us, and there’s probably about 25 acres of woods. Our daughter’s elementary school is on the other side, so it’s just a quick hike for us.

We love this house.

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