It’s Moving Time

So, we have quickly moved from “Yay! We have a new house!” mode into “Holy sh*t! We have a new house!” mode.

With that in mind, I don’t anticipate having much time for writing over the next couple weeks. There’s a ton of packing, moving, unpacking, painting, planting, and organizing to get done. Most of my days will be filled with efforts to make the house ours, and my evenings will be filled with taking baths in tubs filled with Ben Gay.

I’ve decided, however, that I am going to document this process through pictures. I’ll make sure to post some of them here. It should be interesting to watch this collection of wood, concrete, and drywall become our home.

I work next Monday, but then I’m taking 2 weeks of leave to pretend that my wife actually needs my help around the house. I wrote awhile back that the best part about being on leave is not having to shave. As an added bonus (if you can call looking at my ugly mug a bonus), I’ll throw up some pictures of my slowly progressing facial hair. You can watch as I am magically transformed from a baby-faced lieutenant into a slightly grizzled…baby-faced lieutenant.

So, there probably won’t be so many words over the next few weeks, but I’ve been told that pictures are worth a thousand of them. Since most of my words are either highly exaggerated or flat-out lies, you can probably double that. To get the party started, here’s a picture of my family enjoying some toasted marshmallows around the gas fire pit in our new back yard.

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