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I’ve been torn on something for awhile. A few months ago, I mentioned that I found out which ship I will being going to next. My shore duty has to end at some point, and I’m happy that the ship that I wanted is waiting on the other end. Well, last week my orders arrived. …

Have you ever thought of leaving the military, for the benefit of your family? I only ask because I have a friend in a long-term relationship with an older (by 9 years) man in the Navy, and she finds the separation incredibly hard (obviously). He’s reaching the age where he’d settle down, if he’s going to, and I think she’d be ready to in the next few years…but when it’s so hard to be apart, wouldn’t it be better to not be in the military? Thanks for your time :)

To be honest, I have this internal struggle pretty much on the daily basis. It’s never easy to leave your family, and it breaks my heart every time. For me, however, staying in is the best move. When I add up the pros and cons, it just make sense to stay. I’m over halfway to …

Hey MilitaryDad, I just happened to come across your blog and I must say it captivated me.. Am not here to ask you anything but to say that you have an interesting style of writing blogs or articles. Keep it up! – Love :)

Thank you so much. When I woke up and saw this message it really made my day. I greatly appreciate it. I promise that once we get settled in the new house and I get my computer issues figured out, I’ll start writing more consistently again. Thank you.