Yesterday, I wrote about my superstitious ways and how I was applying them to buying a house. Well, it turns out that I did a great job of not jinxing it. A few hours after posting the article, we got a call that said the house was ours.

This was, of course, huge news for us. This is our first house, and we have worked incredibly hard to get to this point. The sense of accomplishment and pride in my family is hard to describe. After dragging them all around the country for the past 8 years, we are finally able to settle in one place long enough to actually call it home. That’s a pretty good feeling.

Since we’re huge dorks and pretty sappy, we decided to celebrate in a symbolic fashion. We drove to the house, picking up dinner and a bottle of wine on the way. We unlocked the door, and I even carried my wife across the threshold. We’ve been together for a decade, but better late than never.

We sat down in the back yard with the sun setting, ate our dinner, and drank some wine (juice for the kids). We toasted a few different times, and nobody could wipe the smile off their face. One of our favorite features of the house is the gas fire pit in the backyard. Therefore, we also brought a bag of marshmallows and toasted them with the kids. It was pretty awesome.

To make things even dorkier, we each brought a single item that we cherished and wanted to move into the house first. Little Dude brought one of his toy cars. Princess brought her favorite stuffed animal. Military Gramma brought her wind chimes. I brought my Dan Marino jersey, and my wife brought a terrific picture of the kids that will go on our mantle (she’s obviously a much better parent than I am).

Our goal was to make last night as relaxing as humanly possible considering the circumstances, and I think we did ok. There’s a lot of hard work coming up with packing, moving, cleaning, painting, and the thousand other things that are going to have to happen over the next few weeks. Walking around the house can be a little overwhelming because it’s hard to decide what to tackle first. Last night was our chance to enjoy the calm before the storm. We did that, so I guess it’s now time to get down to work. Does anybody feel like stopping by to help move a piano?

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