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I few weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to start contributing to the “Defense” section of the Business Insider. At first, this seemed like strange request. I’ve visited the Business Insider before, and it probably won’t surprise you to know that the publication talks about business quite a bit. They also discuss politics and other issues along those lines.

If you’ve visited this site in the past, you probably know that I rarely talk about politics. One reason is that my formal education lies elsewhere, so my opinions don’t necessarily have the strongest foundation. Another reason is that opinions on the matter are my own, and I have no desire to push them onto others. There are many more reasons why I don’t talk about business, but the all revolve around the same point: I don’t know anything about it. Therefore, me and Business Insider didn’t necessarily seem like a good marriage.

After explaining this, I was assured that they were interested in the type of things that I normally write. In fact, they are perfectly happy just republishing posts that I have already written here. Therefore, I am going to start contributing to their site this week.

I’m reluctant to just send posts there that I have already written word for word. Therefore, I’m going to take pieces that I’ve written in the past and adapt them for the different audience. I’m currently working on the article I wrote in March about supporting military families for my first submission. I will probably write an original piece for them every once in awhile as well. I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity (and maybe a little terrified) to write for the larger audience. Wish me luck, and if you get a chance, stop by the Business Insider to check it out for yourself.

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