Everything Needs a Backstory

When I write, I like to include a little bit of a back-story. It lets the reader know where I’m coming from, it helps me collect my thoughts, and usually, it helps the post flow better. It has become apparent that I have passed this on to our 5 year old daughter.

Last night, my wife and I were going cross-eyed from escrow paperwork for the house that we’re trying to get (see, I have to include a back-story). We decided to take a break and lie down on the floor (check out this post to see how this is my secret weapon) while the kids played with some of their toys.

As we were lying there, we noticed something very interesting about the way Princess plays. She isn’t capable of just playing with her toys. She has to build an entire world around them first. Only after that world is firmly established and understood by everyone (this doesn’t sit very well with her 3 year old brother) is she able to actually sit down and start playing.

Let’s say that her and Little Dude are having a tea party. There’s no way that she can just sit the cups on the table, pour the tea, and then pretend to drink it. That just wouldn’t be enough for her. Instead, she has to fabricate an entire story around why the tea party is taking place. Here’s an example of something she might come up with.

“Hey, brother, here’s what’s happening. Let’s pretend that you just had a really hard day at work, so on the way home you decided to stop by the pet store to get a zebra, but they were all out of zebras. Since you couldn’t get a zebra, you decided to go to the park and watch the pigeons poop on the statues. Unfortunately, you got chased out of the park by a mean, purple duck, and you lost your phone in the pond, so you had to get a new one. The phone store was all out of phones, so you decided to jump into the pond to find your old phone, but the purple duck wouldn’t let you. Then…”

This can easily go on for 20 minutes. In the mean time, Little Dude will just keep looking at her and thinking, “Can I just get some @#&% tea already?”

My wife and I will watch all of this with different thoughts going through our heads as well. CinC HOUSE is probably thinking something along the lines of, “It would serve you right if your brother punches you right now.”

Meanwhile, I’m thinking…“I’m so proud of my little girl.”

After all, everything needs a back-story…

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