I’m a Blogger

I’ve fought against this reality for a while now. Surely, I’m not a “blogger.” There’s no way I could be one of those guys. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with being a blogger, but they’re…you know…they’re bloggers!

A year ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was. I was just cruising along in my little bubble of ignorance when a coworker decided to pop it for me. I was asked to put together a blog for my office. If you think asking someone who doesn’t know what a blog is to put one together is ridiculous, trust me that I made that argument. You can read more about that here.

The problem is that I have always enjoyed writing. When I’m done with my time in the Navy, I would love for writing to be a part of my life in some capacity. This blog gave me an outlet for that desire. The more I wrote, the better I got, and the more I enjoyed it. Pretty soon, the office blog wasn’t enough, so about 6 months ago, Military Dad was born. I’ve trudged along, writing about 4 or 5 posts a week since then, but I never really considered myself a blogger. I would have conversations like this with myself.

Rational Self: “You realize that you’re a blogger now, right?”

Irrational Self: “Nuh uh!”

Rational Self: “Seriously? That’s your defense?”

Irrational Self: “I’m not a blogger. I just like to write. Therefore, in order to practice, I sort of just keep an online journal of my random thoughts.

Rational Self: “Do you know what that online journal is called?”

Irrational Self: “Don’t say it.”

Rational Self: “A BLOG!”

Irrational Self: “You didn’t have to go there.”

Rational Self: “Do you know what having a blog makes you?”

Irrational Self: “A journaler?”

Rational Self: “No, you idiot. It makes you a blogger.”

Irrational Self: “Damn it!”

These conversations have taught me a few things. First, my rational self is kind of a jerk. Second, it might be about time to acknowledge the truth. All of the signs are there. I’ve been maintaining this sight for over 6 months now. I’m one of the primary contributors on a group blog site. I’ve written guest posts for other blogs. I was nominated for a blogging award. I’ve even managed to drag my wife down this rabbit hole with me. On top of all of that, I am now making plans to hang out with another blogger that I met through blogging.

I think it’s time to face the truth. I’m a bl… I’m a blo… I’m a blogg… I’m a person that keeps an online journal of his random thoughts. I am proud to be an online-journal-writer-guy.

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