The Family that Blogs Together…

Anyone who has been by this blog before knows that I write about my wife quite a bit. I call her CinC HOUSE because she really is the Commander in Chief of our home. Sometimes I tease her or make fun of her quirks, but it’s pretty obvious that I adore her and that she’s my best friend.

Since I first starting blogging, I’ve encouraged her to do the same. Unfortunately, it’s a tough sell for her. She doesn’t necessarily have the love for writing that I do, and while I can have a 45 minute conversation with someone who dialed the wrong number, she is fairly introverted. She is, however, extremely talented, and she has a lot to say.

Recently, she launched a joint craft venture with my mother, and they decided that a blog would be a great way to get it started. You can see all about that here. It turns out that all it took was that one brief foray into the Blogosphere to get her hooked. Last night, she launched her own blog, Another Long Day. Check it out when you get a chance. She’s an amazing photographer and incredibly crafty, so she’ll probably write about that whenever possible. I’m sure she’ll talk about our kids and being a military family.

After pushing her to do this for so long, I’m starting to see a downside. I always have the threat hanging over her head that I can always blog about her if she does something dorky. Now, that door swings both ways. In fact, last night, I was looking over her shoulder while she was jotting down ideas. One of her items was “How I Met My Husband.” I have never written about that night because it is not one of my prouder moments. Please keep in mind that I once wrote about how a few little girls had a crush on me because I was the best ear piercer in Wal-Mart’s jewelry department. That story makes me look like the coolest person alive compared to the night I met my wife.

This should be interesting…

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