Do You Have America’s Most Deserving Dad?

An amazing contest has been brought to my attention. It’s such a cool idea and great opportunity that I had to pass the information along to you. The Emerald Coast Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is holding a contest to find America’s Most Deserving Dad.

The Emerald Coast is an area of Northwest Florida that has been a family vacation destination for years, so the people there want to recognize great families whenever they can. Last year, they held a similar contest to find America’s Most Deserving Mom. The overwhelming success of that campaign has led to this year’s competition to find the greatest dad in the country.

Here is the ridiculous prize package for the father who comes out on top. The winning dad gets a 2012 Jeep Wrangler, round trip airfare and a week-long stay in a beach house in Destin, FL (for up to 6 people), and a $500 shopping spree. I will readily admit that I have never been to Florida’s Emerald Coast. In fact, Florida is one of the 8 states that I have never set foot in (Hawaii, Oregon, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are the others). You don’t need to be familiar with the area, however, to realize that’s a pretty sweet prize pack.

To enter, all you need to do is make a 60 second or shorter video explaining why the dad in your life is worthy of this honor. Make it a tear-jerker or make it funny. The choice is yours. Upload your video to the Emerald Coast’s Facebook Page, and your work is done. Voting will begin, and the grand prize winner will be announced on Father’s Day. Check out the Facebook page for more information on the Emerald Coast and the contest. They have a picture of a manatee swimming next to shore which I find incredibly cool since that’s one of the few marine animals that I’ve never seen during my years at sea (the Narwhal is another).

Anytime someone actually makes the effort to recognize fathers and the huge role that they play in modern families, it’s a big deal. Anytime they offer a huge reward like this, it’s pretty cool indeed. Take the time to make a short video for the father in your life. Even if he doesn’t win, I guarantee that you’ll make him cry in a good way. That might actually be the bigger reward, now that I think about it.

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