The 3rd Percentile

Last week, our son had his 3 year old medical check-up. I wasn’t there, but CinC HOUSE told me about it afterwards. They started off with the normal height/weight checks. When the doctor came in, he said that Little Dude was in the 3rd percentile for weight. CinC HOUSE’s immediate response was, “Sweet!” When she told me later, I immediately said, “Awesome!”

This may not sound like news worth celebrating. It certainly wouldn’t have been with our daughter. She has never fallen below the 75 percentile with height or weight. Little Dude, however, is a different story.

He was a decent sized baby at just over 7 pounds. Like most babies, he lost some weight over the first couple months. We were reassured that this was completely normal and nothing to worry about. The problem was that it took him a long time to gain the weight back. Every doctor’s appointment, we would see him drop further down the growth chart. He went from 30th to 15th to 10th to 5th to 2nd. By the time he was 6 months old, he had dropped off the chart all together.

Needless to say, this kept my wife and I fairly worried. He appeared to be perfectly healthy, but anytime that your child is considered to be outside of “normal,” it can get you worked up. This is even more true when his sister had always been just a robust little girl. We had the doctors run a few different tests, but everything was negative.

After awhile, we came to terms with it. He has developed perfectly fine both physically and cognitively. As far as coordination goes, he’s far ahead of where his sister was at his age. I think that has something to do with his lower center of gravity. He’s a perfectly healthy little boy, but he’s just small. Once we came to that realization we felt better. We no longer dreaded the first 10 minutes of every doctor’s appointment when they put him on the scale. If he didn’t gain any weight, we would be a little disappointed, but it wouldn’t ruin our day anymore. We realized that every kid is different and they grow at their own pace.

Now, on his 3rd birthday, he’s finally back on the chart. A lot of this has to do with Military Gramma moving in with us (you can read more about that here). We understand that he’s fine and there are no issues with him being small, but it’s still nice to have him back on the curve. Even if it is the 3rd Percentile.

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