Little Dude Turns 3

Today is our son’s 3rd birthday. It’s amazing to think that 3 years have gone by since he came into the world. I remember thinking that I had this parenting thing all figured out with our daughter, but he definitely proved me wrong.

I was home for his birth, which was great since I missed Princess’. I made sure that I was at either my wife’s or son’s side for every minute of March 6th, 2009. Here are the first 12 hours of his life to the best of my recollection.

He was born just around 1230 on a Friday afternoon. The doctor, nurses, and anaesthesiologist were all great. I remember that during the moment he was being born, I was so focused on CinC HOUSE that I completely forgot about him. Then, I heard him cry which produced pretty much instant tears. I looked over to see a nurse laying him on a scale and all I could see was a head full of curly black hair (he actually has straight blond hair, so my memory may not be so good here). My wife said that he sounded like a really pissed off cat.

I followed the nurses as they took him away. They cleaned him up and wrapped him in a little blanket. They were a little worried about his blood oxygen level, but it turned out that he just had a bluish skin tone (I may have a little smurf in my ancestry). I stood there looking at him with absolutely no idea what to do. He was awesome, but he was also very scary. Thankfully, it was time to return him to his mother.

My wife’s parents were in town, and after we had moved into a hospital room, they brought Princess in to meet him. She brought him a present (Goodnight Moon), and she really took to him quickly. There was never any of the jealously that I have heard can be common with some older siblings. She just kept looking at him and checking under the blanket to make sure he was ok.

I decided to stay at the hospital and help take care of Little Dude while my wife was resting. I have changed some hideous diapers in my days, and they have never phased me. I’ve got an iron stomach when it comes to that sort of stuff. I have never, however, seen anything like newborn poop. It was like tar. I needed a chisel to get it off. It was horrible.

While we were in the hospital, I took advantage of the free wi-fi and joined Facebook for the first time in order to share pictures and updates with family. It’s odd that I remember that so clearly, but my son’s birthday is also my 3 year anniversary on Facebook. I know it’s not really relevant, but it sticks in my head.

During the night, I took care of all the diapers, so CinC HOUSE could get some sleep. Right around midnight, I got up to change one. As soon as I opened his diaper, he unleashed a stream of pee that I never would have thought was possible in something that small. I had managed to go 2 and a half years without our daughter peeing on me, but Little Dude managed to accomplish that goal in less than 12 hours. It was a sign of things to come.

Happy birthday, Little Dude.

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