Buckets of Love

My wife has a theory that she has developed over the past couple years that I really like. It’s called “Buckets of Love.”

We always felt like there was a finite amount of love that we could give out. It’s like you have a bucket, and it’s full, but you have to divide the contents out among everyone that you care about.

Around the time that our daughter showed up, we realized that particular theory isn’t necessarily true the entire time. I’m sure that everyone feels this way, but I remember the first time that I picked her up (I wasn’t there when she was born). I had literally just met her, and I never knew that I could love anything that much. She was perfect in every way, and I had a part in creating her. Within 30 seconds, I knew that I would die before I let anything bad happen to her. As hard as I’ve tried in this paragraph, you can’t put that type of emotion into words.

If our theory would have been true, my love for CinC HOUSE would have dramatically decreased, but that was absolutely not true. If anything, I loved her more than I did before. It was obvious that the single bucket theory was no longer valid, but around the time that our son came due, we started to worry. How would we spread our love over the two of them? There’s only so much affection to go around.

Then, he came into this world, and we quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be an issue. I felt all of the same emotions for him that I did for our daughter, and it didn’t reduce any of my feelings for her or CinC HOUSE. We looked around and realized that it wasn’t a contest or a competition. There was no reason to divvy out the love in small doses.

That’s when my wife crafted her new theory. You don’t just get one bucket of love. Everytime someone new comes into your life, you get a completely new bucket. There was no need to borrow from out daughter’s bucket to love our son because he came with his own.

In closing, there’s no reason to by stingy with your love. There’s plenty to go around, and there will always be more on the way. That’s my wife’s “Buckets of Love” theory.

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