My Daughter is My Hero

I’ve never prescribed to the theory that you can only have one hero. Over the years, I have developed many of them. Some of them are military, and some were civilian. I worked for a few of them, and a couple of them worked for me. Some of them are family, and there’s a few that I have never actually met in person. Out of all these people, our 5 year old daughter goes towards the top of the list.

When people initially meet our daughter, the first thing that they notice is her hair followed closely by her eyes. Both are beautiful for different reasons. Her eyes are the one thing that she definitely got from me. Hers change color on the daily basis, and I’ve always had trouble filling out the “eye color” block on forms. One day, her eyes will be a deep brown that is almost black. The next, they’ll be a light green with a dark blue ring around the edge and a golden sunburst in the middle. They are truly awesome.

Her eyes will always take second place to her hair though. It is a beautiful blond that you can’t buy in a bottle. It’s straight, and she absolutely loves it. Back when my day didn’t start so early, I would always try to put pony tails in for her before school (to varying degrees of success). She loves to have it braided, and she knows that people would probably kill for those golden locks. Her favorite movie is Tangled, and I’m sure that it’s at least partly due to the fact that Rapunzel has long, blond hair of her own. It’s safe to say that my daughter absolutely loves her mane.

Currently, she wants to grow it out. Does she want to be just like Rapunzel? Maybe a little bit, but that’s not why she is refusing to get her hair cut. Does she just want to get it really long, so that she do even more types of braids and pony tails? Nope. She is growing her hair out, so that she can donate it to Locks of Love.

Let that one sink in for a second. This is one of her favorite things in the world, and all she wants to do is give it to other kids who can’t grow their own! She’s 5 freaking years old! She wants to take the thing that everyone notices first…the thing that everyone tells her is so beautiful…the thing that she has spent so much time growing and styling..and give it away to kids that are less fortunate than her. Did I mention that she’s 5 years old? How amazing is that?

She asked me to measure it a couple days ago, and she’s currently about 4 inches short (you have to be able to make a 10 inch braid in order to donate). You can see the excitement on her face when she talks about it. It may be a few months before her hair will be long enough to donate, but you better believe that she’ll go through with it. She is an incredible little girl, and this is just one of the many reasons that she is one of my heroes.

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